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You may access your Registration Data at any time through the 'Update Profile' section of the Site. This area is password-restricted for your protection.

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You may cancel your account at any time by calling Chatham Fuel Injection Service Inc. at (519) 351-1033 or sending an e-mail to Once we have finished processing the cancellation, all your Registration Data will be deleted from our database.

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Product/Service Spotlight

Looking for Sprinter common rail parts?  We have high pressure pumps and injectors in stock for most models!

Part numbers include:

We can also test your units to verify that this is what you need.

We have Dodge, Cummins 5.9/6.7 and  Duramax high pressure pumps, and common rail injectors in stock! All years, all models!

Part numbers include:

Complete Duramax application information is located here!

Dodge / Cummins 5.9 application information is located here!

We have the parts and equipment to service dual spring injectors such as used by VW TDI and Landrover.  Most TDI injectors are available from stock!

High performance TDI injectors available.  Click  here for details!

Click here to see why setting both springs on these injectors is important.

Whats New @
We have added a CAPTCHA to all our input forms due to the amount of spam we are receiving.  This helps to insure that only real people and not automated web bots are requesting information!

Many pages on this site now have a printer icon that can be used to display a 'printer friendly' page.  This icon is normally located at the end of the page
We have  available from stock most VP44 electronic pumps for Dodge & Cummins mid-range applications.

See our online catalog for further details.
New Products
Available Now!
Custom designed add on filter kits for both Dodge and Duramax applications.   The factory filters on these applications are lacking at best, and this is both the best and easiest way to avoid costly injection system repairs.

See our online catalog for further details.

When it comes to fuel additives, we stock only a single brand!

Save 10% on case lots when purchasing Stanadyne Additives!