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 Tech Tips - Navistar HEUI Injector Gaskets
Tech Tips - HEUI Gasket Change

Navistar engines equipped with HEUI injectors have undergone a design change that results in changes to the injector compression gasket.  During the model year 2000, beginning with engine serial number 1194039 the injector sleeve material in the head was changed to stainless steel, as shown in the photo on the left.  With the change in the injector sleeve, comes a change in compression gasket material.  The typical "copper" gasket has been changed to a "stainless steel" gasket.  It is easy to distinguish between the 2 gasket materials.   This change applies to injectors with BI, BJ, BP and BN body codes.  Application information can be found here.

All BP and BN injectors provided by us will include the new stainless steel gasket, since these injectors were never produced to use a copper gasket.  All BI and BJ injectors will be shipped with both the copper and the stainless steel gasket, neither of which will be installed on the injector.  It is up to the installer to install the proper gasket before installing the injector in the engine.  Use a 8mm hollow drift punch to carefully tap the gasket over the nozzle tip until it bottoms on the nozzle retaining nut.

Note:  It may be possible that rebuilt heads used with other injectors are also affected.  For this reason it is a good idea to determine if the head in question has stainless steel injector sleeves.  If it does, use the new stainless steel gasket.  It is also available as a separate item part number 1830317C1 in our online catalog.

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